Johnny Matt & Mahoota11 are the new age PICCOLO and GOHAN

Mixtapes have always been a part of Hip-Hop, and collaborations within the culture have always played a major role in growing this beautiful culture of ours which we call hip-hop.

Here’s the interesting part about this mixtape concept: “PICCOLO & GOHAN: A mixtape by Johnny Matt and Mahoota11”. It’s inspired by our favorite childhood anime, DragonballZ. If you remember, Gohan helped Piccolo to feel like a person and a hero, rather than the monster that he was designed to be. When you look at the two, Matt and Mahoota11, we don’t know yet who is who, but with my time in the game, I will assume Mahoota11 is Piccolo considering his impact and contribution in the game when it comes to podcast and radio background. Meanwhile, Johhny Matt has been a dope rapper from day one, Gohan might be him in the sense that Mahoota is giving him guidance in the game, playing the mentor or parent part in the SA hip-hop. Although we know Goku is the real dad, Piccolo is pretty much [Gohan’s] real dad through thick and thin.

The Mixtape is set to drop on the 14th of June, featuring only 7 songs and 1 collaboration with Mental Case. Keep an eye out for the work, its mixtape season, beloved. We are getting the raps.

Mixtape will be available on Soundcloud and YT, Free for the Culture.

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