[Cover story] ON AIR with Filah Lah Lah

This story appears in HYPE magazine #43, available here.

ON AIR with Filah Lah Lah

 Tune into her frequency

 Written by Lesiba Mankga

Once upon a time, there was a world where conceptual albums were the standard rather than the exception. Artists were truly artists in the sense that they had a story and a message that they wanted to relay to the listeners. Whether they were a reflection of the society that they grew up in or a reflection of themselves, artists were always the most intricate storytellers in the creative field, using their words and melodies to evoke emotions and thoughts that some of us would shut off into a corner. With that being said, you can imagine why I am a huge fan of Filah Lah Lah. Each of her offerings in her career has been an intricate story of the world she exists in and the experiences that are shaping her at that period in time.


Taking a look at the cover of ON AIR, you will see Filah Lah Lah with beautiful braids that make the shape of headphones and, from that one striking image, the concept of the album is clear to see. However, what we see beyond the cover might surprise the listener, as the album is not about radio-friendly records. On the surface level, it is easy to be swept away by the nature of her enchanting vocals, but behind her vocals is a deeply personal story that details the struggles and triumphs that Filah Lah Lah has gone through throughout her career to become the star that she is today. She expertly depicts the contrasting human experiences of self- doubt and self-belief. Without further ado, this is the story of ON AIR with Filah Lah Lah. Tune into her frequency.

“I do feel like I am underrated for the talent that I have. I do feel that I have something to offer people that is broader and bigger than what I already had out at the time.”

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