5 Questions with Saso

Saso, a member of the renowned DreamTeam, caught up with us for a quick 5 questions Q&A. The conversation was centred around his pivoting from music into the eventing and marketing space. For those who may not know, he has been hosting some of the best event experiences through a few of his event properties. We would tell you all about it but he can narrate it far better than what we can. Without further ado, this is 5 Questions with Saso.

It’s been a minute since we heard anything from DreamTeam in terms of music. Is the group still together and are there any plans for new music? 

Yes, the group is still together. We have been working on new music, although not as much as we used to but we have plans to release music in the second half of the year. Music remains the core passion for the DreamTeam.

What is your ‘go to’ routine before a studio recording session and when doing a feature, do you wait for everyone else to submit their verses?

I don’t have anything in particular when it comes to a routine when going to record. As long as we have the beat and the producer we want to work with, we are all good. All we try to do is create an environment that is as conducive as possible to record music. When it comes to features, we do not have a particular process. The situation could be that we complete our verse before we send it over to the featured artist and other times we change our verse after hearing the feature verse. Sometimes we lock into studio with the featured artist.

Going through your IG feed we saw you hosted ‘Saso’s House’, tell us more about this and how often do you host this event?

Saso’s House is an event where I would host an event in my yard and I came up with the idea around 2016/17. I then approached Benny to commercialise the event because his expertise lie in the eventing space. His experience helped secure sponsorships and other event amenities.

In the eventing scene, I feel as though people really miss the house party experience.  They were really popular back in the day and the idea with Saso’s House is to elevate the house party experience into something completely new.

When it comes to performers, we have had the likes of DBN Gogo, Zakes Batwini, Shimza and DJ PH to name a few. The best part of the experience was that people didn’t know who would be performing at the event so it was a surprise to attendees.

We know and appreciate you for the music but you’re also now into events and marketing. Is this something you’ve always been passionate about? Maybe your fans never knew? 

Well, when it came to the events space, I never sat down and really thought about pivoting into marketing. The move to go into marketing and events came from a gap that I identified in the market. I would go to events and I would find myself thinking about what I would do differently, and if you want something done differently, why not do it yourself? Dubane Spring Break was an opportunity for us to create a crazy experience in a water park where we had the stage in the water, which was something the eventing space hadn’t been introduced to. With that being said, maybe it was an underlying passion that I got to execute through these different properties.

Please give us an exclusive into Saso’s Brunch Marquee. Who is on the lineup? What do we wear? Who is invited? What can we expect? 

The Saso Brunch Marquee is a young thing we have had in the works for the past four years. What inspired the event was the lack of excitement around Durban July, especially from the youth market. We wanted to curate an environment that hasn’t been experienced at Durban July in order to bring back some of the excitement. We have partnered with D’usse to create a crazy experience and there is also an opportunity to do something with Magnum and other food brands, so it’s going to be a very exciting experience to curate and bring to life because most of the things we are trying to do haven’t been done before. The lineup is going to be crazy but I don’t wanna give up too much just yet.

When it comes to the theme, we are inspired by the Roc Nation Brunch. We want people to dress up and show up with bright colours. At the same time, want people to be comfortable whilst incorporating a level of opulence into their fit. On another note, we want people to take part in the festivities of the day like horse racing. Our marquee is positioned at the winning post, which is where the horse race ends. We want people to take part by betting on a horse and who knows, I might just have a horse out there.


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