The R&B underbelly

South Africa is colloquially known as a cultural melting pot because of the diverse nation we boast, and the same can be said about our music scene. While Amapiano and Hip-Hop may have taken up the lion share of the attention in the music debating subspace, R&B has been quietly producing ‘hidden gems’ with a seemingly endless conveyor belt of artists. In this article we are shining a light on a few of the artists on the scene. 

Namakau Star

Namakau Star is an artist that exists in her own plane with her own unique frequency. She creates a unique blend of R&B that carries spiritual hues and sees her speak about her truth in the most honest and sincere manner possible. A true shining star within our music industry and an example of how being the fullest version of yourself makes you a great artist. 


Phiwo is an incredibly gifted artist that has displayed the knack for creating conceptual offerings, which is an attribute we don’t come across in the local music industry. Her latest offering titled “Things We Feel”, displays exactly why we love her intricate projects. 


Nanette made one of the biggest splashes in recent memory with her debut offering “Bad Weather” and the album catapulted her into the upper echelon of R&B. The combination of heartfelt lyrics with her vocal capabilities make her one of the standout performers in R&B. 

Mikhalé Jones

Mikhalé Jones’ greatest attribute is her ability to tap into multiple sub pockets of the broader R&B landscape. Unlike most artists who attempt this feat, she sounds and feels comfortable in any iteration of R&B she creates. She is the definition of an R&B swiss knife.  


S B X is easily among one of the hardest working R&B artists that we have and that tenacity translates to every facet of her career, from her music to her image. From a musical point of view, S B X is known for her songwriting abilities where she holds nothing back.


lordkez’ catalogue is extensive and filled to the brim with quality. Each offering comes with its own narrative, musical hue and packaging. She perhaps boasts the most complete package of talents on this list.  

Mars Baby

Mars Baby is another artist that exist in their own uniquely carved out lane in the music industry. He is known for his distinct alternative R&B soundscape that are on their own sphere. His latest offering, “Luna” is a picture of all of the attributes that make Mars Baby the incredible artist he is. 

Filah Lah Lah

Filah Lah Lah represents are more soul infused side of R&B and her mercurial talent makes her stand out from the crowd of artists in the never ending talent pool of R&B. She is gearing up for the release of her upcoming offering titled “On Air”.  


Fentse. stock has steadily been rising with her musical output. She creates a unique bled of alternative R&B that is akin to the likes of Lorde and Billie Eilish. Her unique cadence and lyrical subject matter separate her from other artists out there. 


The Botswana native, Titose, is best known for her soft and dainty vocals atop soft hued R&B beats. From a lyrical point of view, she provides a fresh perspective on well documented R&B topics like love and heartbreak. 

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