Are these the leaders of the new wave?

Like much else in the world, things are cyclical in their nature. The same can be said about hip-hop. Every couple of years we have a fresh crop of artists who are vying for commercial recognition. With no shortage of talent in the industry, we always have a plethora of artists that we have the pleasure of introducing to you, our audience.


Scumie has built up quite the following in her short time span in the game. Initially coming out a trapper, the artist has shown a willingness to evolve the subgenre and take it to new heights. 


Hip-hop has always had an underground and that is no different in South Africa. There a crop of artists that are bringing about a new sound to the game with K1llbrady being one of the artists spearheading this new generation of underground rap. 


Affectionately known as the kid fro the west, Yungkiddreezy’s consistent high quality output has seen him carve out a lane in the game. The young artist is among the stronger pure rappers on this list. 


Horid The Messiah aka Baby Jesus is one of the fresher faces on the scene despite having been active for a number of years now. The young rapper create a secular brand of hip-hop and R&B and his consistent desire to push himself has seen his continual development continue as the years roll on. 


Arguably the hottest thing out in the game right now, the boys have generated quite the hype around themselves. With that being said, we cannot wait to see the development of the artists that are part of the Qwellers. 


Tony Dayimane has one of the best debut EPs in recent history with his Big Boy EP. The artist carries a confidence and cadence that characterise him and differentiate him from the crowd. His comfort of mixing both vernac and english will potentially lead him to having staying power in the game. 


With a uniquely appealing cadence, Usimamane reach is increasingly growing with each release. His 2023 19th project served as an introduction for the majority of people, he has impressed followers and critics alike. 

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