Will these albums be considered classics?

In the world of hip-hop, classic albums are albums that stand the test of time. Despite there being no time frame for when an album can be considered a classic, there are albums that seem to possess the quality of a classic album. With that being said, do you think these albums will be considered classics? 

Tyson Sybateli’s HOME album was held in high regard upon its release. The album sees Tyson Sybeteli dive into the meaning of HOME while detailing real life scenarios he has had to face in the lead up to the release of the album. 

Zoocci Coke Dope has become synonymous with anxiety having detailing his experiences with the mental condition over 2 projects. The Anxiety album is a masterfully crafted body of work that is filled to the brim with fan favourites and that’s why it receives the nod for future classics.   

Nasty C is easily among the premiere rap talents in the game and his catalogue is held in high regard. As to which album in his catalgoue is the best is a highly debated topic. For our listicle we have gone with what we feel is his strongest album, Strings and Bling 

25K has arguably had one of the best debut offerings in recent memory with his album, Pheli Makaveli. From a sonic point of view, there isn’t much in the SA Hip-Hop landscape that can be categorised in the same lane as Pheli Makaveli. 

SOIL marks the start of the trilogy that is SOIL-MUD-DUST by Priddy Ugly and there was a reason he chose to start the trilogy with SOIL. It is by far the most unapologetically rap offering from the trilogy and it changed the perspective which we view Priddy Ugly in the Hip-Hop landscape.

Mashbeatz is among the most respected producers in the game and his ability to create stylistically unique projects deservedly see him have a place in the upper echelon of SA Hip-Hop. Boasting one of the best catalogues, selecting one project proved to be a challenge but we ultimately went with This Is Religion for the impact it had on the game.

Maglera Doe Boy’s Diaspora album is one of the more polarising albums to drop in recent times.. Despite his artistic vision translating in everyway possible, fans are still divided on on the direction MDB went with on the album. Despite its polarity, we included him on this list because of the artistry and storytelling presented on the album.

Thato Saul’s Members Only served as an introduction to the vast majority of rap fans. The texture and hue of the album oozes quality. Despite the hype around his more recent offerings, Members Only still holds a special place in his catalogue.

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