Faces and experiences from The Assembly JHB with Gugulethu Nyatsumba

We were the official media partners for The Assembly with Gugulethu Nyatsumba and what a time we had. Let’s get into what went on at the day long event.

shot by Malwandla Rikhotso

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the warm faces behind the event at the Khuli Chana Studios. They walked us into The Assembly ‘Hall’ as it were and and at the end of the ‘corridor’ you are greeted by a school chalkboard were people could sign their names to immortalise themselves in the context of the event. We were prompted to participate in the daytime activities, so naturally, we signed ourselves on the chalkboard. When it came to the setting and decor, we were taken aback by the beautifuly in-theme staging. On it, was Gugulethue Nyatsumba’s rendition of the Howard University emblem that read Ju-ni-or in place of Ve-ri-tas – a nice touch to keep in theme.

shot by Malwandla Rikhotso

Outside of the staging, there were white seats and tables that featured Spotify branded pillows and a small mini bar. The bar housed House of BNG, among other beverages, who had a special running at the early stages of proceedings. As time progressed, we were greeted by the MC for the day, Pearl Ntshehi, who welcomed us to the event. Before chaperoning us into the entertainment portion of the event, she encouraged us to to submit questions via IG for Gugulethu Nyatsumba, which turned out to be a fun and engaging moment in the proceedings. With that being said, we caught up with Saul Madiope and Pearl Netshehi to find out what they thought about the event. 

Pearl Ntshehi

shot by Malwandla Rikhotso

For those who are not familiar with you, please introduce yourself and what it is that you do? 

My name is Pearl Ntshehi and I was part of Miss Mamelodi Sundown as a well as a part of Miss South Africa class of 2022. I am a social entrepreneur, content creator and a 9 to 5 Attorney

How did this opportunity to host The Assembly come about and how are you connected with Gugulethu Nyatsumba?

I am a friend to Gugulethu Nyatsumba but that isn’t the reason I got the J-O-B. I had to respect her professional platform and I wrote them an email to propose MC’ing the event. I think what made it even easier is the fact that we are under the same management. 

What excites you about The Assembly?

What doesn’t excite me about The Assembly! It’s my first time attending and just seeing everything come together and hearing what she has to say. It’s just great to the see ‘the genge’ come out to support her.

For those that don’t have the pleasure of being here today, what should they look forward to? 

You guys are missing out on great conversation, a lot of wisdom being shared but not in very serious manner but rather in a way that only Sis G.U could. 

What message do you have for Gugulethu Nyatsumba? 

Firstly, I’m so proud of you friend! I arrived early, so just seeing how the event shaped up was great to see and it was great to see ‘the genge’ show up in their numbers.

Saul Madiope

Sourced from Instagram (@kingsaulmadiope

For those who may not be aware of you, what is your name and how would you describe your style? 

My name is Saul Madiope and if I were to describe my style, I would say that I create new age Jazz. In a  place like South Africa, you won’t find a lot of young people making Jazz, so I’m trying to kind of revive or inspire younger people to create Jazz. Right now, Jazz is one dimensional and we need to get younger people involved so that they can breathe new life into the genre.  

What do you look forward to most about The Assembly? 

I think for me, it is seeing Gugu up there. I once told her that she is like a pastor nyana because she has this energy and presence about her. Immediately when she left the stage, you could feel it. 

What can we look forward to from you in the near fututre? 

I’ve got an upcoming album thats called ‘Digital Jazzman’. I am also doing a collab tape with Thandonje called ‘Dimpho Tsa Lefatshe 2’ and I am trying to do a show this year, hopefully in December. 

What message do you have for Gugulethu Nyatsumba

I want tell her she is special. When I looked at her on stage, it was like I saw Oprah or Ellen Degeneres. She is international to me. She won’t be at in the country for much longer. She is gone!

shot by Malwandla Rikhotso

Following the early entertainment, the time drew closer for the star of the show, Gugulethu Nyatsbumba. She recorded a live episode of After School is After School with Sis G.U, touching on a number of topics. Before we get into what the conversation was about, it is important to note the magnitude of this event. She packed out a modest venue with true supporters, who were clamouring at her every word of wisdom, and Gugulethu Nyatsumba’s ability to work the crowd and deliver important messages in a manner that doesn’t come off as preachy or holier than thou, is brilliant.  

As Saul Madiope stated, her presence was felt as soon as she stepped onto the stage. She touched on topics such as being guided by spirituality, navigating friendships, instant gratification, comparison being the enemy of happiness and so much more. For those who weren’t able to attend The Assembly, you missed out on a great day filled with wisdom. 

shot by Malwandla Rikhotso

Education and empowerment are aspects of the youth that Gugulethu Nyatsumba holds close to her heart, and what we love most about her is that she actively pursues partnerships and organisations that can introduce her audience to possible opportunities. One such partner was iFundi, who specialise in providing funding for tech led qualifications. The organisation saw one lucky young person receiving a bursary on the day. 

With all off that being said, The Assembly was an absolutely amazing endeavour by Gugulethu Nyatsumba and her team. The attention to detail and the overall quality of the experience cannot be understated. Again, we echo the statements of Saul Madiope; Gugulethu Nyatsumba is special and she is surely going to go down as one of the best future broadcasters in the nation.

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