The Big Hash talks new album, Rap Life Africa cover and more

We were at the listening session for The Big Hash’s album, “Heartbreak Hotel” last night and it was a memorable experience. The young artist hosted the session at the rooftop of Hallmark House in New Doorfontein. Upon entering the rooftop, we were greeted with pink rose petals sprinkled all over the stairs with candles on either side. Those who are familiar with Hallmark House will tell you about the stunning views of the city, especially at sunset times. Which set the entire mood for the evening entertainment. We caught up with The Big Hash to discuss a few points about his album.

I have been following your journey for a very long time now and I know about the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through for this project. How does it feel to finally be in this moment?

I feel like I can finally breathe… and I haven’t been able to do that for the longest time. There were so many things outside of the music that have been happening. Even though it felt like everything was falling apart, I had to focus on giving this album everything I could. Right now, I feel grateful and blessed to be able to have this moment.

How did you conceptualise Heartbreak Hotel?

Initially, it was based on a song by Michael Jackson called “Heartbreak Hotel”. If you look at Thriller, it’s all hits no filler, even though there is filler, people are quick to overlook them because of the hits on the album like “Billie Jean” or “Thriller”.

In terms of putting the album together, I wanted to create a body of work where people could reference it as a way to make music. In that process… I started to ask myself, how could I create a Heartbreak Hotel? So I put people in different rooms and asked them to create a song dedicated to a certain person and eventually, that turned into a love letter to my fans. On another note, I know how my fan base is split into Rap Bigge and R&B Biggie, and I just wanted to deliver on both ends.

Heartbreak Hotel seems like a diverse offering but which single would you say encapsulates the feeling of the album the best? 

The song that represents the best feeling on the album would have to be “Eight Summers”. That single made the album feel complete.

I imagine that when you create a conceptual album, you envision it being consumed in a certain way. How do you envision this album being consumed? 

Listen to it from start to finish; do not skip, and if you have a problem with it, then go back and re-listen. If you get to a place where you feel like it’s not hitting, give it the 72-hour rule. Do you know the 72-hour rule?

Nah I don’t know it

It was a rule that Drake came up with. Basically, if you create a song and you don’t immediately like it, don’t delete it… wait 72 hours before listening to it again. More often than not, it will hit different. It’s the same thing I ask of the fans; but in all honesty, there won’t be a need for the 72-hour rule with this album

My final question to you. This is a monumental moment for you as you are on the cover for Rap Life. I imagine it to be more special because it is under your label, Devo. How does that feel?

Now that you mention the label, it’s even crazier for me because I’m starting to realise this was all done under this little seed (Devo) that I had at 16. The last time I was on Rap Life, was when I was 18 and I’m 24 in a couple of weeks, and the last song I had on Rap Life was “Dark Horse” with Riky Rick… it was there for 9 days and it was out – like gone. Now, being in this moment where not only am I on rap life with this new album, under my own company but I’m doing it as the cover star.



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