5 Questions with Leezy Lindokuhle

As part of our “5 Questions” series, we aim to catch up with artists who are actively working on something. Recently, we spoke with Leezy Lindokuhle about her upcoming single and the work she has been doing lately. We’re excited to learn more about her new release and her latest projects. Here is the interview.


You are not a stranger to the hip-hop community. So, let’s get straight to the interview. What have you been working on?

I have been working on more music, finding creative, innovative ways of elevating my sound and taking my brand as a female rapper who wears several hats to a different level.

Your single “Koko” is set to drop on March 22, 2024. What kind of sound are you sharing with your fans?

Koko which translates to “knock-knock “, In English is a Hip-hop track inspired by the popular sound of African trap movement. The hard-hitting song has leezy Lindokuhle’s signature blend of Afrocentric rhythms, with a mixture of kasi rap and African trap.

Who did you work with on the production of the single?

I worked with one of the dopest producers in the scene right now youngtunnbeatz who has worked with dope artists like Sjava and Emtee

You often star in music videos as a vixen. How is that coming along?

One thing about me I’m a hustler and I always make sure I’m on the move. So, my work as a video vixen is not a full-time job, however something I consider a side hustle within the entertainment industry to make extra cash on the side whilst working on growing my music career even further.

Thank you for your time. What more can we expect from you in 2024 and beyond?

Consistency in the dropping of music, more collaborations and the taking of the brand leezy lindokuhle to the next level.

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