Emerging R&B and soul sensations Filah Lah Lah launches pre-order for highly anticipated album “ON AIR”

Filah Lah Lah, the rising star in the realm of R&B and Soul genre, is thrilled to announce the official pre-order launch of her upcoming album “On Air.” The excitement builds with the release of her second IG single, “Past My Self,” following the success of her previous single “Call Me.”

Known for her intriguing posts  Filah Lah Lah has successfully fuelled anticipation within her rapidly growing fan base. Fans are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the new project & the direction Filah will take with her evolving sound. Notably, “On Air” is set to make history as it will be the first-ever visual album by a South African R&B and Soul female artist, showcasing Filah Lah Lah’s innovative approach to her craft.


When asked about the new single ‘Past Myself  ’  this what Filah said: “Past myself is actually short for “I can’t see past myself” which is quite long for a single. It’s a song that was actually written 4 years ago and only became refined recently. It was written in a time where Filah was at a crossroads and couldn’t see past her problems. It’s a song about shedding and how it can be painful process but necessary for transformation.”- Filah Lah Lah

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