5 Questions with Oriiginelle

The Eswatini Lyricist has arrived in the country to collaborate with Zulu Mecca. She is also preparing for her upcoming performance on the “Weekly’s Touch up Bar Ber Blacksheep’s” show. I believe this is a great opportunity to interview her in person. So, Here’s the interview.


With the last article we did with fantastic 4 of the Eswatini, how has things been like?

Things were amazing and exciting. I believe that the article really helped introduce my music to a South African audience, and it was amazing to collaborate with artists like Sandrahhh, Tjay Mokoena and Tasha Hendrixx. This is a huge step for me, and it shows that my music is starting to cross borders and reach new listeners. It’s an exciting time for my career, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

With this new momentum and recognition, I’m more determined than ever to keep pushing myself creatively and to reach new heights. I’m already working on some exciting stuff, and I can’t wait to share that with the world. I’m feeling so much gratitude for this opportunity, and it’s fueling my passion and drive to create the best music I possibly can. I’m so excited to keep growing and evolving as an artist.

And how did the “MetamorphoFeels” do because I have seen the amazing feedback on social media?  

Yes of course. Eswatini is too tiny to not even meet up with mates and other creatives in the country, lol.

While I may not know what the rest of the Fantastic Four has on the pipeline, I am confident that we are all very focused on the future and on achieving our individual and collective goals.

For me, that means continuing to make music that is authentic and true to who I am, while also expanding my fan base and reach. I’m also looking to collaborate with more artists from Eswatini and beyond, and to bring our unique sound to a wider audience.

then recently dropped “The Glory Freestyle”, can we expect any album soon?

Haha! There’s a lot of music that I have been working on and I believe that it will show how my craft and penmanship has evolved since Metarmophofeels. For now, though, I’d love for everyone to go through my entire discography to get to know the Oriiginelle story and enjoy the music I already have out! Trust me, it’ll all be worth it!

Recently your tweet caught Zulu Mecca’s attention, when are you two recording that hit?

Capturing Zulu Mecca’s attention felt so surreal for me. I’m excited to get in the studio with her to cook up a storm.  Zulu Mecca and I have already been in contact and are still finalizing the logistics of it all. But I am really feeling excited and positive about the feature since I believe that we will complement each other quite well in the song.

So, the answer is SOON! And I know the audience will love what they get to hear.

Before I let you go, what else can we expect from you this year?

A lot of music, a lot of collaborations, a whole lot of Oriiginelle content!! This year, I really want to be very visible and be at the forefront of it all: I’m really dedicated to crafting something special for all my fans stay tuned and thank you for being a part of the Originals. Let’s stay true to ourselves all year long.

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