The name behind the Beats in Sekhukhune Region.

Kaybeats is a talented beatmaker from a small village in Limpopo, Ga-Sekhukhune. He spends a lot of time in the booth creating beats for elite MCs in Limpopo. In an interview with Hype, Kaybeats shares his journey and future plans. Check out the interview below.

For those who are not familiar with your game, please introduce yourself to the Hype Family.

Kholofelo Mogashoa Better Known as KayBeats, A classic Hip Hop Producer from Ga Mogashoa Village based in Sekhukhune, Limpopo

You are very dope in what you are doing, what makes you unique from other music Producers? Well, my sound carries elements such as soul, and classic boom-bap feel stripped from the old School hip-hop all the way to the new. Using different samples, I’d agree most are common, but I specialize in completely twisting the whole narrative and creating a sound that connects rather with my feeling, for there’s always a feeling I seek when I create.

In your opinion, what separates a good producer from a great producer?

A good producer can make music. But a great producer is consistent and stays in the game no matter how much the game changes, he seeks to adapt and create from nothing or rather what he has. A great producer can identify timeless music

and explain a situation where you had to work with a team of other producers or musicians to complete a project. What was the situation? What were your specific tasks for that project? What steps did you take to ensure the project was completed smoothly with the other team members? What were the end results, in terms of the quality of the final product and the feedback from the team and the client?

The time I had an opportunity to work with a team of producers and Musicians was during the creation of KayBeats Foundation Vol.1, which is my first mixtape collaborated with various artists and producers.  We did a lot of traveling with equipment to get projects done. I had to research finding artists to work with via social media and tapping into their pages and links. I had to reach out to producers who could assist in carrying out studio activities. I linked up with E-Level Blacknote and he assisted in shooting videos for the project. So far it had 5 music videos completed and uploaded.


The end result was a smooth journey yet taxing, but finally, we came out with 20 complete tracks, quality control was a challenge, but every producer used their style creating a different motion and atmosphere with each track. The people did love the project, it had its run for quite some. Various artists were officially introduced as our local artists and started getting followers’ inspiration to get more work done. It was a success.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in 2024 as a producer?

Currently, I just released a beat project called KayBeats Got Soul. While that is doing its run, I’m in the studio with JT working on our Mixtape, Tainted Recoveri. And I’m compiling beats for the next KayBeats Foundation Vol.2 of which I’ll be working with various artists. A couple of singles are due to drop before Tainted Recoveri to warm up the seats. It never stops.

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