ButiOnTheTrack is the best kept secret.

a brother whose job to make sure that the finished product is as good as it can be and that it meets the vision of the artist. worked so many in the game and he is only starting. the future looks bright and here is the conversation we had in him recently.

For those who are not familiar with your game, please introduce yourself to the Hype Family.

My name is ButiOnTheTrack, qualified sound engineer, music producer, audio engineer and currently pursuing my degree in Law, I am a music lover, a music creator…. there’s nothing I enjoy more than making music, I got this name [ButiOnTheTrack] from my late Dad, sadly he passed away before witnessing my GREATNESS!

You are very dope in what you are doing, what makes you unique from other music Producers?

Wow, thanks for the compliment! As for what makes me unique from other music producers, I’d say it’s my ability to create unique and catchy beats that are unlike anything else out there. I also put a lot of thought and care into every song I produce, and I’m always experimenting with new sounds and styles to keep things fresh and interesting. Ultimately, I’d say it’s my passion for music that sets me apart from other producers, and my desire to create something truly special every time I sit down at my computer.

In your opinion, what separates a good producer from a great producer?

I think there are a few key things that separate a good producer from a great producer. First, a great producer is always focused on the artist and their vision. They understand that the artist is the most important part of the process, and they work hard to make sure the artist’s vision is realized. Second, a great producer is a great communicator. They know how to give constructive feedback and they can build relationships with the artist and the rest of the team. Third, a great producer is always learning and growing. They are always looking for new ways to improve their craft and stay up to date with the latest technology and trends.

explain a situation where you had to work with a team of other producers or musicians to complete a project. What was the situation? What were your specific tasks for that project? What steps did you take to ensure the project was completed smoothly with the other team members? What were the end results, in terms of the quality of the final product and the feedback from the team and the client?

In a situation where by am assigned to work with a group of artists/musicians first I would want to know each an everyone’s capability, remember as we producers we are different, if am tasked to be an engineer I would work hand in hand with other producers to get the quality we are looking for or expected to deliver, and the environment we work around should be friendly to all members and we should listen to each other to deliver.

I once worked with a team of other producers and musicians to create an album for a new artist. Our goal was to create a cohesive sound for the album that would showcase the artist’s unique style. My specific tasks included programming and arranging the beats, as well as mixing and mastering the final tracks. I made sure to communicate with the other team members throughout the process, so we could all stay on the same page and make sure the project was progressing smoothly. Overall, I think we did a great job of working together.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in 2024 as a producer?

Ohhh man, am working on a lot of stuff lately, if u remember well we just dropped 1 of the dopest albums to ever drop in the country BOYZENDAHOOD by touchline and Ginger Trill, amazing features in there, your Kwesta’s, Jody….that was indeed a beauty, my mixtape as well featuring various artists,  I am working with a lot of upcoming artist coz that’s where the sauce is, also got 3 singles to drop before my project,2 music videos on the way, a Valentine’s single dropping featuring the amazingly talented FRIDAY NIGHTS(someone to look out for)…..and lastly a ButiOnTheTrack 2hours documentary that showcase everything about me……yooo thanx to the best hip hop magazine to ever exist…..HYPE MAGAZINE for giving me this opportunity.

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