Nyota Parker is ready to captivate your heart and mind.

Getting ready for her upcoming album, Nyota Parker shared her 2024 plans with illythehost. A blend of hip-hop, alternative R&B, and Neo-Soul with influences from Saba, Mick Jenkins, and Erykah Badu. The well-travelled talented musician loves captivating the hearts and minds of those who appreciate her unapologetic approach to artistry. This is another Hype Exclusive.

Firstly, thank you for the time you took to do this interview with us, how does 2024 look like for you?


Thank you for including me—it’s a fantastic opportunity! 2024 is packed with exciting things (to me, at least). Following the recent release with Jay Jody, we’re crafting visualizers. Anticipate two singles leading up to my March album launch, and I’m excited about upcoming live performances and festivals.

Who has been your biggest influence on your music because your pen game is so elite?

My biggest musical influences are across the board. From Mick Jenkins and Saba to A Tribe Called Quest, Tyler the Creator or Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, and Common.

Being a Congolese Grew up in South Africa but based in New York City, how has it contributed to you as a person and you’re writing when coming to music?

My multicultural background contributed towards my broader perspective of genres and infusing that into my music. This has enabled me to write from so many different mindsets and viewpoints, as well as relate to so many more people who share these backgrounds.

Your rhyme patterns, metaphors, and wordplay especially on “Spectrum” were so amazing, do you have a specific group of people you make music for, or is it for anyone who has good taste in music?

Thank you! I was 21 so, I’ve evolved from that project, but I appreciate you digging that up, haha. I would say my music is for those searching for more than good music. Those who are touched know why they are touched in that moment. I create to unlock. I create for a better understanding of oneself and those around them. But overall, I create for the outcasts and non-conformists. I expressed this better in one of my recent singles titled “ALRIGHT” too.

Recently you dropped a single with my brother Jay Jody, giving us that old-time feeling with pure raps, how did the feature come about and how did you know Jay Jody was the right feature for this song?

The warmest, wildest of shout-outs goes out to Jay Jody. I met him in 2022 backstage at Cotton Fest in Cape Town. He had just come off stage performing with his brother, and I had to give him mad props for what he just did on that stage. We connected from then onwards and the synergy has been flowing ever since. For “LIKE THIS”, it all clicked when I met him, I knew that he would bring an introspective and mature element to the dynamic.

Talking about singles, I know your album “INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS” is dropping on MARCH 28TH, who did you work with on production and coming to features who should we expect?

“INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS” is something I’m really excited about, especially since it’s coming out on my birthday. I’m yet to reveal the track list for this album but I’m grateful to say that people such as Jazz Groupiez, Jay Loopz, Uno July, Proda, Deem Spencer, Origami, Zmny, Mercer Shavelson, and many more are involved in this project

Before the album, what can we expect from you building up to the release date?

Before the album is fully available, I will be dropping two lead singles ahead of time – the first is titled “MIDST” and is scheduled for release on Feb 16th.

“This industry is mine, got chemistry like enzymes prolific legacy like Lowe keys she’s been mine” What did you mean when you said she’s yours? Or rather please break down the whole line for us.

This line includes a shout-out to one of my best friends, Lowe Key, but she goes by @prolificlegacy on Instagram. It’s a play on the Instagram handle, whilst implying that I am also leaving a prolific legacy on this earth and that the industry & Hip Hop (she), is mine. Hip-hop is referred to as “she” often, as expressed by the likes of Common and many more legendary artists.

Looking forward to your new album, all the best with everything, in the meantime how can our amazing readers get in touch with you especially producers who would like to send you, their beats?

Thank you for everything! The best way to contact is me through my email (which I check every single day): Artist@nyotaparker.com

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