Inkabi Zezwe unveil new behind the scene documentary

Esteemed musicians Sjava and Big Zulu are already making waves with their documentary series, “Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba.” Having premiered on SABC1 on Monday, 6 November, at 9 pm, the two celebrated artists have taken center stage in a six-part series that explores the profound connection between them.

With two episodes already aired, audiences are being treated to an unprecedented insight into the collaboration of these musical giants. “Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba” delves into the intricacies of their creative process, the inspiration driving their artistry, and the cultural tapestry that defines their shared identity.

The series unfolds against the backdrop of Bergville, the birthplace and home of both artists, ensuring that the music resonates with the authentic essence of their upbringing. Expertly shot by Lacuna Creative, the documentary captures the unity of Sjava and Big Zulu and becomes a heartfelt tribute to their remarkable collaboration.

“As fans asked us to work together because we are both from the same hometown, it was also our wish to work together as brothers to show unity. We decided to honor this request,” shared Big Zulu, adding a personal touch to the narrative that underscores the series’ exploration of unity, collaboration, and shared identity.

If you haven’t caught the first two episodes, make sure to tune in to the remaining episodes of “Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba” on SABC1. This documentary promises to be a captivating journey through the musical and cultural landscape of Sjava and Big Zulu

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