TSA releases heartfelt “More Life” single

The current state of hip-hop is one of braggadocio that often times focuses on the more superficial aspects of life. That is not a knock on the current crop of artists as that has always been the case for the greater majority of hip-hop’s history across the world. That has resulted in a world void of real-life subject matter as artists deliver music that helps us escape the realities of the real world, the same way The Matrix was used to blind those from the realities of its fictional world. However, every now and again, we do need that dose of reality and that is where TSA and his new single step in. His single touches on subject matters like drug abuse, child abuse and domestic violence, which are real sore spots of the society that we exist in. The single aims to inspire people to do better despite the state of the world we live in. Listen to the single below.

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