Touchline Truth and Ginger Trill are “BOIZEN DA HOOD”

When John Singleton was writing “BOYZ N THE HOOD” and then going to direct he didn’t think after so many years two homies from South Africa, one from Ikageng and one from Tembisa would be so inspired to a point whereby they record an album “BOIZEN DA HOOD”.  And “Boyz n the Hood” launched the acting careers of Cuba Gooding Jr and Nia Long. Now back to our “Boizen Da Hood”, it all started when DJ Glen featured both of them on “Tony’s Scar” (which I believe also derives from Tony Montana’s character who was killed by Sosa’s Nkabi).  So basically, this collabo was inspired by movies, let’s not even mention their song “Movie Again” which featured K1 God Kwesta.


It was Touchline and Ginger Trill’s moment to bring the best work to an important audience before it goes out to the public.  What a completely different way to experience the album instead of the usual approach of listening to music while you are cleaning, texting, and watching TV. The crowd really paid attention and respected everyone by not making noise, which gave Ginger Trill to explain how most of the recording went, and the concept of the song, and the inspiration.  Anyways, the venue was well organized, the sound was good, and refreshments and snacks too for us who love to chow. Before we go deep into this album, let’s congratulate Touchline and Ginger for the amazing work they have done and everyone who got his hands and ideas involved in this album.   From the producers, engineers, guest features, graphic designers, and fans. Another special shout-out to everyone who came to the listening session last night to support #BoizenDaHood.  Legendary producer and rapper Amu, Sean Pages, Rashid Kay, DJ Switch showed up to support the boys, Spokenpriestess and Naledi, singer Sandrahhh, The Sobering Podcast, Jay Jody, Loki, The media house and etc. what made it more special was seeing three fans who drove all the way from Rustenburg to show love and support to their fave.

If you haven’t been to a listening session before, please start moving with the right people.


If #BoizenDaHood was just a collection of singles that on their own and more importantly as a whole don’t mean anything I wouldn’t be writing this piece, in my humble opinion: Story and Progression played an important role in this album, yes, they all have bars, but I was happy to hear them going all out even to give us a young love song. Is the subject matter? Most definitely, we are talking about Seasonal who started the album with “We Up” which they exchange raps throughout the song. Followed up with “tell a friend “With the wordplays which are illy, Tight rhymes, and bars.

I would be giving away everything if I break down all the songs for you so go bump this album and tell us what you think of this beautiful body of work, nine songs with four features. I will be back after thirty days with a review.

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