Ma Nala is set to relaunch her musical career with a new single this coming Friday.

The intimacy and the ability to relate to the content of R&B music play an essential role in culture, most musicians in this genre use their songs as a platform for passing a message or expressing their personal beliefs.”  I came across this quote some time back doing research about R&B, and every time I discover a new artist the quote pops again in my head.  South African R&B is doing good and each time you check around the internet, there’s always a young talented South African singer singing his/her lungs out. Ma Nala is another R&B sensation you should check out as she’s on the rise to dominate the charts soon. The soulful vocalist is set to relaunch her musical career with the release of her latest banger titled ‘We Going In’ on the 3rd of November 2023 from her much-anticipated upcoming EP “In Her Glory!”

The soon-to-be-released EP consists of five songs which are feel-good dance songs encrypted with messages about love, self-empowerment, living life to the fullest, and overcoming obstacles in life.

Ma Nala (ma__Nala) uses music as an outlet to express and narrate personal stories that are textured with rich descriptions, she also believes that music is a pathway for young women like her to assert themselves in an increasingly alien world.

Be ready to check out her new single on Friday.

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