Spokenpriestess, the driving force behind #MusicUnscripted

An ardent admirer and follower of music. To describe her, I believe it is accurate to say that she is highly knowledgeable about music and loves to talk about it. She is a DJ by profession, but more importantly, she is a sister in the music industry who is passionate about helping people realize their full potential and become future leaders in the industry or excel in their creative fields. Her name is SpokenPriestess, and she is the driving force behind #MusicUnscripted, a platform designed to help people grow and succeed.

In this age and digital era where everything is just in our hands, I believe as an emerging rapper, writer, and creative you should not struggle when it comes to moving around in the game. Social media has become a powerful tool for independent artists and creatives to promote their work and connect with fans and potential customers. But best believe as easy as it looks, you still need people who have been around the block to help and guide you on to move smart. Someone like Spokenpriestess is someone who took it upon herself to teach people about such things, which is something she’s been doing since way before social media was too cool, before a tweet could you a job, she was already gathering creatives to empower them with knowledge regarding the industry. So, brace yourself and be ready to know how she can help you become a professional in the game.

Music Unscripted has been contributing to the hip-hop industry and music in general for eight years. The initiative brings people together under one roof to teach them about the importance of growth and how to navigate the South African hip-hop industry as a creative. Music Unscripted has played a significant role in the personal growth of everyone who was there from day one, willing to learn. It has also prepared many creatives and rappers that you see flourishing in the music community today, and it has helped them progress to higher places in their careers. The first edition of Music Unscripted was held at Museum Africa in Newtown Johannesburg, with a panel of powerful speakers and game changers. The late Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane was there to talk about the business side of South African Hip Hop, Maraza was focusing on Lyricism and being the artist, Sheila Afari was talking about Public Relations, and Tlee Moiloa, who has been a significant part of Cassper Nyovest’s career from day one, was also present. Over the years, different speakers have come to share their knowledge on different topics such as radio, artist management, TV, magazines, writers, and social media.

Take your time, study the game, look who is valuable and can change your career to the fullest, and watch how they contribute to the industry you are in.

Social media and content planning for artists and creatives” is the next lesson, #MusicUnscripted is the Institution, @Spokenpriestess is the principal, and You are going to be the learner.

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