South African Lyricists flexing their lyricism on BET Cypher

Hip-hop culture has always included cyphers, and BET CYPHERS has been a significant contributor to this culture since 2007. BET has brought us some of the best cyphers, including Slaughterhouse in 2011 and Good Music in 2010. However, when it comes to South Africa, are we showcasing our best talent to the world? Can we compete with the likes of TDE and Slaughterhouse? As a hip-hop community, we should ask ourselves this question. Recently, the BET Cypher was filmed at the Newtown Museum Africa, where the South African Music Museum is located. Rappers, both old and new, were invited to showcase their rap skills, and they did not disappoint. The Pretoria Avengers, including Mochen and Loatinover Pound made an appearance, as well as Money Badoo and Sauwcy, represented our sisters in a showcase of their skills. Tyson Sybateli and Lolli Native also joined in to demonstrate their abilities. The much-awaited sight of Maggz, Reason, OkMalumkoolkat, and Phantom Steeze lining up together finally happened, fulfilling the hopes of many in South Africa.The cypher will be broadcasted live on Wednesday, October 11th, at 03:00 CAT, and then again at 20:00 on channel 129 on DSTV

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