ZULO reveals haunting new ‘Adawise’ video

Rising rap sensation ZULO unveils the music video for his single “Adawise”. With a narrative drenched in suspense and symbolic imagery, this latest offering promises a fusion of musical prowess and cinematic artistry.


Set in a modern, cozy and crisp home environment, ZULO finds himself in the residence of a woman who goes about her evening routine. The overarching golden brown visual palette casts an intimate glow, juxtaposed with lingering shadows that hint at a deeper, perhaps darker narrative.


ZULO fails to win the attention of the woman despite his very clear efforts. Throughout the video, subtle clues hint at a chilling twist, culminating in a revelation that’s bound to leave audiences discussing and speculating long after the final shot.


“I wanted to create something that isn’t just watched but experienced. I think this video challenges perceptions and plays with the boundaries of presence and reality.” ZULO explains.


Watch the video below

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