Ason enters a new vibe on ‘Rush’ single

Fridays are my favourite day of the week becaue of all of the music I get to sink my teeth into. This morning, Ason’s ‘Rush’ was the first song that appered on my Spotify feed and I do not regret making it the first song I listen to this morning.  

Upon my first listen, I was swept away by the production of the song. It has this beautiful high intensity whilst simultaneously feeling like it is mellow in tempo. It is the type of record you want to have on loop because of how catchy it is. With that being said Ason’s husky cadence provides the song with a unique texture and the ‘catchiness’ of the song is a testament to Ason’s songwriting. He managed to find the sweet spot of melodies needed to make ‘Rush’ the single it is constructed to be. Listen to ‘Rush’ below. 

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