Archi and IORDN link up for ‘I Won’t Lie’ Single

If you have been following my personal writing career then you will know I have a soft spot for alternative music of any kind and artists like Archi, amongst others, give me the dosage of alternative vibes that I crave. The only downside to this sort of music is that I struggle to accurately describe the song because of the infusion of different sounds. With that being said, I will try my utmost to describe the song accurately. From the onset, you are greeted with warm hues of a multitude of sounds before Archi takes us on the figurative trip that is ‘I Won’t Lie’. From a songwriting perspective, Archi does an amazing job in with his different deliveries to keep the listener on their toes while IORDN proves to be the yang to Archi’s ying. Listen to ‘I Won’t Lie’ below.
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