Tyson Sybateli Unveils New Mixtape

Tyson Sybateli is all guns blazing in his new project titled ‘Present.’ The 8-track mixtape will be hosted by the prominent hip-hop podcast The Sobering. The mixtape was preluded by 2 singles, ‘It Worked’ & ‘No Comment’, released 9 June & 28 July, respectively. To build project drop anticipation on socials and signal that the artist was cooking, ‘No Comment’ coming soon assets had an element of fire to hint mixtape coming.

In his words, the rapper favoured by snakes, Bra Nyoga says the fire element is to pull in attention; he says if there is a fire one cannot just go on as normal, but rather they would be drawn into the fire and be “present in the moment’, hence the mixtape name Present.


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In this project he has worked with prominent hip hop names such as, Thato Saul, Priddy Ugly, and Mochen, known for their unique qualities and ways of making music, Thato Saul being known for his popular verse on the slain rapper AKA’s ‘Mbuzi (Freestyle)’ and Priddy Ugly, having won SAHHA’s Lyricist Of The Year in 2022, for which both Priddy Ugly & Tyson Sybateli were nominated. With the lyrical content of the song, ‘I Can Bet’ they battle it out and show us why they were both nominated, and it’s fire.

Tyson Sybateli has hustled his way up the Hip Hop ladder, he has released more than a handful of projects before; to mention a few, ‘HOME’, ‘SYBA’, & ‘EVE’. These projects have seen him grow in the streets of Hip Hop and earned himself several titles such as ‘King of Rollouts’. Having been dubbed the king of rollouts while working in retail full-time, explicitly expresses the intentionality of the artist with his craft and the messaging thereof. This mixtape is set to be nothing shot of fire, Tyson Sybateli having been labelled the next best Hip Hop Act by the Hip Hop community online; ‘Present.’ will certainly certify that.

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