Adidas Unveils Exclusive Collaboration with Siya Kolisi 

Adidas recently announced a ground-breaking design partnership with esteemed athlete and South African Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi, in anticipation of his country’s world champion title defence. The unveiling of the 10-year anniversary RS15 boot marks a momentous occasion, celebrating Siya Kolisi’s remarkable decade of professional sporting excellence in adidas footwear. This collaborative masterpiece not only commemorates his illustrious journey but also pays a heartfelt homage to his roots.

Peaking about the collaboration, Siya Kolisi expressed his excitement, saying, “I have played in adidas all of my life. I now want to share this incredible moment with all of you. The adidas x Siya Kolisi collaboration is the creation of a remarkable boot. The design is inspired by my journey, however, it goes beyond just representing me – it symbolises hope for children from the same background as mine. It serves as a reminder that regardless of the challenges we face, Impossible is Nothing.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the boot, Kolisi elaborated, “The phrase ‘I Love Zwide’ is penned in my handwriting on the back tab, while the intricate map of the township I proudly call home is integrated into the boot’s overall print. The diverse colors woven into the design hold special meanings: green and gold pay homage to the African Bombers, blue represents my high school, Grey PE, red and black symbolise the Mighty Elephants and Sharks respectively, blue stands for the Stormers (where I made my Super Rugby debut), and the touch of pink commemorates the Mothers Day jersey adidas crafted (in 2015), featuring my mother’s name – a jersey I had the honour of wearing on the field.”

As part of the anniversary pack, a collection of 4 graphic tee designs will debut alongside the boot, marking a vibrant celebration of this collaboration. These designs reverently honour Siya’s remarkable journey, showcasing his rich history, and will be offered in both adult and children’s sizes.

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