PatricKxxLee Drops Explosive First Project For the Year

With honest and emotional lyrics, rapper, singer and producer PatricKxxLee drops his first project for the year, Room 37, a tape full of collaborations that feature Sjava, Blxckie, KashCPT, Burningforestboy, and Nigerian rising star PsychoYP, as well as upcoming artists he believes in, and that was co-produced by KindlyNxsh.


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The 14-track project created over the past 8 months is nothing like PatricKxxLee has ever put out before. Known to make profoundly deep music that connects with lost souls, the ethos of PatricKxxLee, who emerged on the scene as one of the leaders of the “New Wave” back in 2016, remains but with a shift from predominantly “sad” music that he created solo, to a body of work that embodies a wide range of emotions and was put together collaboratively.

“Collaboration is important because as individuals we’re all just single perspectives. Every artist on the tape will talk about love or other sentimental experiences very differently from how I would talk about the same, because we all have our own unique perspective. Collaboration opens the gates to a wider connection; the same way relationships are about communication. Communicating from different perspectives on the same song gives listeners the understanding that we’re all different, and that their own perspective is as valid as that of the artist or artists that are on the song,” shares PatricKxxLee.

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Known as “The King of Rage”, PatricKxxLee adds: “I hope this tape will shift the narrative people have of me being solely a dark or emo artist. I have so many different sides to me, I love all forms of music. With this tape, I’m coming out of the box that the music I’ve been putting out so far has put me in, and I want my fanbase to understand that I’ll be exploring many different soundscapes going forward.”

Production for the tape started right after PatricKxxLee’s trip to the US last year. He came back at the end of November and conceptualised the tape and started recording Room 37 in December 2022. The significance of his stay in Los Angeles is that he experienced what it’s like when a lot of artists and producers collaborate in the studio together, and he wanted to give that collaboration approach a shot for this project, resulting in only four out of 14 songs on Room 37 not having features.

Room 37 Tracklist

  1. 4R (Prod.PatricKxxLee & KindlyNxsh)
  2. Voodoo feat. PsychoYP (Prod.PatricKxxlee)
  3. Dreamcatcher feat. KashCPT & Solo Sae (Prod.PatricKxxLee)
  4. Love Me Now feat. Kayla (Prod.PatricKxxLee & KindlyNxsh)
  5. Delilah & I (Prod.PatricKxxLee)
  6. Friday Interlude feat. Burningforestboy (Prod.PatricKxxLee & Burningforestboy)
  7. Ice Cold feat. KindlyNxsh (Prod.PatricKxxLee & Chris Marek)
  8. Last Call feat. Sjava & KindlyNxsh (Prod.KindlyNxsh)
  9. Pure Dopamine (Prod.PatricKxxLee & KindlyNxsh)
  10. SIX feat. Blxckie & BabyDaiz (Prod.PatricKxxLee)
  11. God Not Me (Prod.BrotherKupa & PatricKxxLee)
  12. Damn Dash! feat. Scumie & Dior Santana (Prod.PatricKxxLee)
  13. Pep In Step feat. Solo Sae (Prod.PatricKxxLee, CashKhali & KindlyNxsh)
  14. Gravity feat. KashCpt (Prod.PatricKxxLee)

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