Espacio Dios is ready to drop ‘The Third Kind’ EP this Friday

First, he hit us with ‘The First Kind EP’, a sonic journey that left us craving for more. Then, he wowed us again with ‘The Second Kind EP’, proving that lightning can indeed strike twice.

But guess what? The ride’s not over! Hold onto your musical senses, because we’ve arrived at the grand finale – ‘The Third Kind EP’. It’s like the crescendo of an epic symphony, and we’re about to be treated to a masterpiece that will redefine your playlist.

Espacio Dios isn’t just dropping EPs; he’s weaving a tapestry of sounds, emotions, and stories that resonate deep within. Each beat, each lyric, and each note is a testament to his genius. His musical prowess isn’t just celebrated by his fans – fellow artists and industry experts bow in awe to his talent.

So, are you ready to dive headfirst into this sonic universe? Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘The Third Kind EP’ like we are? Don’t keep that excitement to yourself! Let it burst forth on our socials as we collectively anticipate the magic Espacio Dios is about to unleash. This is more than music; it’s a cosmic experience. Let’s ride this wave together!


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