Nanette x Blxckie drop ‘Talk 2 ME’ – smooth vibes alert! [Listen]

Text by: Illythehost 

There has been a lot of talk about South African R&B lately, especially in recent months. The truth is, our girls and boys are putting in work, making life easier for music consumers and curators. It isn’t a secret that the talented angelic voice, Nanette, is loved by many in SA. Not only do her voice and Blxckie’s blend perfectly in ‘Talk 2 Me’, but the song also highlights the importance of communication in a relationship, showing how love can make everything else seem irrelevant.

“You don’t give me stress, baby, you let my mind flow free. Even though I get busy, I still make time for we…” Isn’t it beautiful how Blxckie is smooth with his words? But this isn’t about him; I just got carried away with how perfectly right he is for this feature. In a nutshell, there’s a symmetry between Nanette & Blxckie that draws us, listeners, in, making us feel their emotions through their vocals and lyrics on ‘Talk 2 Me’.

This is a contemporary R&B drawing on hip hop, characterized by smoother instrumentals, emotive hooks, and pop melodies. So, do the HYPE thing and stream this beautiful song!

Listen below:

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