Mass The Difference returns to the scene with new EP ‘Casino Baby’ [Listen]

In a long-awaited comeback, the South African wordsmith, Mass The Difference, emerges in 2023 with a compelling body of work that delves deep into his roots and journey in the rap game. Brace yourself for an EP that takes risks and hits you with sharp, battle-ready verses.

First up, ‘Gamble’ sets the stage as Mass reflects on the leaps he’s taken in pursuit of his music dreams. On ‘Jokers’, he confronts his competitors with fiery bars, putting them in their place as he declares, “Look at these jokers—they really wanna call it rapping, but they never really saying jack!”

Picture a casino where clever double meanings are dealt like cards. The EP beautifully weaves casino imagery throughout, giving it a unique flair. Even a conversation between podcasters Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz on gambling addiction adds another layer to the project’s theme.

Mass The Difference has grown up in this metaphorical casino, shuffling cards, and reaching for the stars. He effortlessly switches between English and Tshivenda, skillfully weaving his narrative with heartfelt sincerity and a laid-back tone. Don’t miss ‘Carousel,’ named after a casino in Hammanskraal, where he reminisces about his journey.

With a promise to deliver as an artist and partner, ‘Ditaba’ presents a soulful love song dedicated to his queen. The emotion in his lyrics will captivate you, revealing a deeper, more personal side.

And there’s more—’Russian Roulette’ brings the heat as Mass teams up with fellow rap maestros, Ezrah and Wu Kid, to ride a bouncy, string-led trap beat. They serve slick rhymes that hit you with every bar.

Get ready to immerse yourself in Mass The Difference’s world of storytelling, introspection, and unmatched lyrical prowess. This EP is an exciting journey, and you won’t want to miss a single beat. Soak in the artistry and let us know your thoughts on our socials. Welcome back, Mass The Difference! We missed you, but your return was worth the wait!

Listen below:

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