Reebok Launches the Pump TZ in OG Solar Yellow

In the ever-evolving basketball and streetwear landscape, few brands have left as indelible a mark as Reebok. As the brand gears up to launch the eagerly-anticipated Pump TZ in OG Solar Yellow on 12 July, it’s partnering with local icons, including photographer Cedric Nzaka, who share the culture.

 With a legacy steeped in innovation, Reebok has continuously redefined the boundaries of what is possible. First introduced in 1989, the brand’s groundbreaking Pump technology solidified its position as a relentless trailblazer and forever revolutionised the game. The Pump TZ was one of the first models in Reebok’s renowned Zone Series of basketball shoes, and was famously worn by future Hall of Famer, Dominique Wilkins, in 1990 – 1991.

The Pump TZ’s retro-futuristic design brings together nostalgia and cutting-edge innovation, combining elements of the past with the possibilities of the future to pay homage to the brand’s rich history. While its technology and synthetic accents have been enhanced, the iconic details and unmistakable design cues from the ’90s remain unaltered—a testament to the Pump TZ’s status as an eternal classic.

To be among the first in South Africa to get your hands on the Reebok Pump TZ on 12 July, follow Reebok on Instagram and shop the shoe on

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