EUNOIA E.P. by VenomRaps is about redefining Hip-Hop soundscapes [Listen]

Text by: Illythehost 

I’m glad VenomRaps understood that music consumers’ attention spans may be even shorter than any artist wants to believe.
The talented VenomRaps blessed the HipHop community with seven minutes and five seconds of Extended Play consisting of three tracks. EUNOIA is the name of this beautiful body of work packed with QUOTABLE and one guest verse from the broken prophet who wants to preach but is held back by his vices that cloud his message. According to the rapper, this highly anticipated EUNOIA E.P. is about redefining Hip-Hop soundscapes. Painting everything with his words and cadence, been in a game for a minute but still rapping as if he got something to prove.

When you take first listen to EUNOIA, best believe ‘FROM 034 WITH LOVE’ sets the cornerstone and slide directs you with the overall atmosphere of the album. The second track ‘SONGS ON PIONEERS’ shows how versatile and skilful VenomRaps is, setting the tone high with a crazy flow, flexing with a 10/10 breath control, not forgetting the raw lyrical powers in HIM.

Some of the biggest collaborations and most notable hip hop moments have been joint ventures between two rappers best known for doing their things and ‘BE STILL, BE HUMBLE’ just proved that. . features NOVL. Naaaah I don’t want to give away everything now! Just play the damn masterpiece beloved!

EUNOIA, derived from the Greek word meaning “beautiful thinking” or “well mind,” serves as a fitting title for VenomRaps’ latest masterpiece. The E.P. explores a range of emotions, ideas, and personal reflections, showcasing the artist’s introspective side and his unyielding dedication to crafting unforgettable musical experiences.” – VenomRaps


Listen below:


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