The Truth : 3 Era’s Combine to Tell The Truth by J-Smash [Listen]

In the realm of Hip Hop, 2023 has yet to witness the grand resurgence that held so much promise in 2022. However, the rising stars of the New Skool have unveiled a tantalizing glimpse of the artistic revolution that awaits us, right here in South Africa.

Enter J-Smash, the illustrious DJ/Producer caught amidst the ever-shifting tides of generations. Known as Uhone Luvhengo in the real world, this Limpopo native emerged onto the scene in 2016, collaborating with heavyweights like A-Reece, Ginger Trill, and Benchmarq. Back then, SA Hip Hop reigned supreme, a mighty force atop the South African music landscape. Fast forward to 2023, and a fresh wave of younger artists has seized the reins, shaping the future sound of our beloved genre.

You might dub J-Smash a Youth Veteran, a truth that rings resoundingly through his journey. When it comes to telling your story, especially your truth, what better way than to enlist those who have traversed this path alongside you?

And so, Smash gathers three remarkable artists from three distinct eras.

First, Kwesta, a seasoned game-changer who emerged during the heights of Skwatta Kamp and Budda Bing.

Then, Youngsta CPT, the Capetonian maestro who skyrocketed to fame in 2014 during SA Hip Hop’s zenith.

Lastly, Thato Saul, the talented young MC from Pretoria, is arguably the breakthrough Hip Hop artist of 2022.

These illustrious MCs converge on J-Smash’s masterpiece, weaving bars that mirror the exceptional talents we’ve come to revere them for.

Thato Saul kicks off the track, his fresh approach propelling him to rap superstardom. The young prince from Pretoria has captured the nation’s heart with his infectious rhymes, lacing The Truth with his distinct Pitori slang and captivating wordplay. Prepare to rewind and savour his verse from the very beginning.

Next up, Youngsta CPT storms in with unrelenting aggression, the beat providing the perfect canvas for his raw and hard-hitting persona. It’s as if this creation was tailored to the Kaapstad general’s sensibilities, as he effortlessly rides the rhythm like a painter working on a timeless masterpiece.

And last but certainly not least, J-Smash ingeniously places Kwesta in the final verse. The K1 King usually shines on laid-back high bass beats, where his signature voice mesmerizes listeners with lyrical prowess. However, on The Truth, Kwesta delivers an unexpected flow, showcasing his genius lyricism and leaving rap aficionados in awe of his legendary status.

Once again, J-Smash has assembled a lineup of SA Rap Royalty, crafting a body of work that solidifies his position among the industry’s finest producers in South African Hip Hop. Brace yourself for this extraordinary journey.

Listen below:

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