Tyson Sybateli’s new single: ‘It Worked’ – A celebration of music journey and growth [Listen]

Tyson Sybateli, a natural-born talent in the world of Hip Hop, has traversed the realms of producing, songwriting, and now, full circle, rapping. Hailing from Umlazi but finding his artistic home in Pretoria, this rising star showcases his remarkable journey and myriad achievements with his latest single, aptly titled ‘It Worked’. Experience the magic of ‘It Worked’ by giving it a listen right here.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Tyson Sybateli reveals, “When I embarked on mixtapes and EPs, paving the way for my first project, ‘Home’, I never anticipated the overwhelming reception it would receive. This new single is a testament to that growth and signifies a positive change in my career. It’s a bold sonic and personal risk.”

Crafted in a mere 20 minutes, with Michael Tuohy remaking the beat in just 10 minutes after an unfortunate loss during loadshedding, and Tyson adding his lyrical finesse within 15 minutes, this single serves as a deeper glimpse into Tyson Sybateli’s persona. It encapsulates and celebrates the tireless work that has led to this momentous release and sets the stage for what lies ahead.

From Tyson’s self-titled project SYBA in 2019 to the impactful six-track offering Snakes Favour Me, which earned him his first magazine feature, his journey has been an awe-inspiring continuation. And now, with the highly-anticipated sophomore album Home dropping in 2022, this single stands tall as an anthem of affirmation – ‘It Worked.’

On what Tyson wants audiences to take from the single, he said;

From my upcoming project I want my audience to learn to live in the moment and their daily experiences. My music is gonna reflect time spent in the car, with friends and an afternoon at home. They gonna leave the first listen ready to do something”

Listen below:

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