[Fresh Notes] – Mosa Christopher Meso: Rapping About the Struggle in Black South Africa

Healing and empowering lives through music

Written by Phetolo Sematha, Images by Monsakie

Mosa Christopher Meso, also known as Monsakie, is a rising South African musician, fashion and graphic designer, director of photography and producer. Despite not having a musical background, he was inspired by friends who studied music back in high school. With dedication and learning on YouTube, Monsakie taught himself everything he needed to know about music.

His unique blend of African trap and kasi hip-hop has a raw energy that speaks directly to the hearts of his listeners. Let’s delve into the world of Monsakie, exploring his musical journey, goals and successes.

How he got into music

Growing up in Soshanguve, Monsakie was inspired to pursue music by his friends but never imagined that it would be his passion. “I was inspired by my friends who did music back in the day, and I never knew that I was going to be a musician.

“I didn’t know how to rap, I just did hooks,” Monsakie said. Luckily, he was signed by Oneieeleng Lekana, owner of Cascade Sound Productions, and learned to produce while staying at his house. He produced his first mixtape, Blacks Emotions, after learning how to produce. He then worked with various producers like Sandy Murks, who produced his second EP, DAREIIDREAM, and also worked with Muungu Africa which was part of Open Mic Productions.

A unique journey to music success

Monsakie’s ultimate goal is to heal and change lives through music, while also helping other talented individuals, like his second artist, Nguni, achieve their dreams. However, Monsakie has faced a number of obstacles, including a lack of resources, information and self-doubt when it comes to depending on big record labels.

Despite these challenges, Monsakie has made significant strides by signing himself to his own record label, Blumag Records, and working with artists he admires, such as Blaklez, Emtee, Chaddadon and Brian Temba. His biggest achievement to date was working on Emtee’s album, titled #LOGAN.

Spreading positivity and empowering the youth

Monsakie’s music is deeply personal and draws inspiration from his own struggles and the daily struggles of black people. He raps about real issues, becoming vulnerable and putting his emotions on display. His sound is a unique blend of African trap and kasi hip-hop, which is certainly different from what we’re used to hearing in mainstream music. “Everything I rap or sing about is real talk about our daily problems as black people. I become very vulnerable, to the point where I put all my emotions on a record and rap about my life’s struggle and also include other people’s life experiences.” 

Music plays a big role in Monsakie’s life because it unites the youth and can heal and motivate people. Monsakie’s music is often centred around uplifting themes, with the aim of inspiring people to look to themselves and their communities to make a positive change in the world.

Telling a personal story

Monsakie’s solo project, #DAREIIDREAM2, is set to release this year. It’s an album that aims to tell his story alone, without relying on features. Monsakie believes that with a plan and a budget, it’s easier for artists to launch their careers, thanks to social media platforms.

Monsakie stays true to his roots and uses his music to showcase the uniqueness of his African heritage. He plans to build momentum by remaining consistent, releasing music and videos and giving his audience the best of himself and of his label, Blumag Records.

Plans for a bright future

For those looking to embark on a career in the music industry, Monsakie’s advice is to stay true to yourself, network and collaborate with other artists. Even with a solid plan in place, there’s no one formula for success in music, but hard work, consistency and staying true to oneself are key. Monsakie’s future is bright, with gigs starting in July and running through September and plans in place to release videos every month.

In today’s music industry, social media has opened up new opportunities for artists to promote their music and build their fan base without relying on traditional media outlets. Monsakie’s advice to other aspiring artists is to stay true to themselves, work hard, stay consistent and collaborate and network with other artists.

Monsakie may be the black sheep of his family when it comes to music, but he is now making a name for himself as a talented rapper and producer, using art to heal and change lives. Check out his social media pages for updates on his upcoming gigs and releases.

Instagram: @mosankie_csp

Twitter: @Mosankiecsp


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