[Fresh Notes] – Dave D: The talented emerging hip-hop artist from Limpopo

With his unique style and sound, Dave D is quickly becoming a rising star in the music industry.

Written by Phetolo Sematha, Images by Dave D

Dave D, real name David Divine Mondiwa, is a 21-year-old up-and-coming hip-hop artist from the small town of Musina in Limpopo, South Africa. “I started my music journey as a poet, writing love poems to my companions until my friend, Blessing Beatz, introduced me to FL Studio and making beats.” From there, he started producing beats for himself and other artists but, as time went by, he fell in love with rapping. His early years as a producer allowed him to hone his skills and develop a sound that is both innovative and captivating.

From bedroom recording to releasing mixtapes

Dave D’s first rap name as he began his rap journey was Tistic Divine. “I started recording in my room, using earphones and a small laptop, and played my songs for my friends and classmates.” He collaborated with a couple of artists from Musina, including F7ZZ and Young Sane. In 2020, he became part of a music group called PRSXL and he released his first body of work, the Discovery Mixtape, on all digital platforms in August 2021.

This debut album has been commended by fans and critics alike, with poignant lyrics and engaging beats showcasing the artist’s immense talent. This was an eye-opener for fans and made people aware of him, leading to his presence being felt since then.

Collaboration and inviting flows

Dave D and his group, PRSXL, are known for their combination of talent, flows and style, which makes them stand out from other music groups out there. Dave D has released other projects and songs with artists like Repoison Murepa, DMS THEEUNDERDAWG and KUNTA_ZA, which have generated over 170,000 streams on Spotify and have garnered him a considerable listening base from all over the world.

Musical gifts and aspirations

His musical gifts and ability to transcend genres are bound to make Dave D a household name. He is continually improving on his music, and he’s excited to work with more artists in the near future. Dave recently released a new song called ‘Catch Me If You Can’ (featuring Roman Ciigar), which has become his most-streamed single, with over 16,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Working on his first solo album

The artist is currently working on his first solo album, and fans are excited about it. He states that it will feature numerous talented artists. Dave D is a force to be reckoned with, and his sheer dedication and hard work shine through in all his work.

In the entertainment industry, there is no telling where an artist’s journey will take them. With Dave D’s remarkable talent and unstoppable drive, it’s clear that he is going to make it in the wider industry. This is definitely someone to keep an eye on… Let’s keep an ear out for his new music and join the thousands of fans who have already fallen in love with his unique sound.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dave D. Experience their evocative melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and soul-stirring performances. It’s an opportunity to witness the birth of a star and to be among the first to discover an artist destined to make a significant impact in the music industry.


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