Exclusive Interview with Paarl Royals Lungi Ngidi

Lungi Ngidi, a fast bowler for Paarl Royals, recently gave an interview to HYPE Magazine for our HYPE Play segment. During the interview, illythehost and Lungi discussed various topics related to cricket, including the highlights of SA20, Betway’s contribution to South African cricket, the best player in SA20, and much more. This exclusive interview has been made available only for the fans of HYPE Magazine.

What does it mean to you to be part of Season 2 of Betway SA20?

As a South African, it’s a great honour to be a part of the league, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for this opportunity. I’m excited to be one of the participants of season two.

How do you anticipate this experience will contribute to your growth as a professional cricketer?

The more you play cricket, the better you become. Competing against some of the best players in the country shows the depth of talent we have in South Africa.

How do you feel about the vibrant and playful concept of the Jolly Lolly in Season 2 of Betway SA20, and how do you think it adds to the overall excitement of the cricketing experience?

I’m thrilled to play in front of a sold-out stadium with friends and family in attendance. It’s a different experience than playing in other countries where you don’t know anyone. It’s a great opportunity for us as players and has put us in a good position for the future.

Reflecting on the various stadiums you’ve played in, do you have a personal favourite, and what makes that particular venue special for you?

Every stadium has its own charm, but I’ve enjoyed playing at Boland Park the most. The community has made us feel welcome, and everyone has come out to support us, which is amazing.

Could you provide some insights into your practice routine and how the team prepares for matches?

My routine for T20 cricket is relaxed, and I focus on skill execution. We practice specific skills to execute in games, and it’s all about preparing for the next opponent. We work hard, but it’s a relaxed environment.

In what ways do you believe being a part of SA20 will positively impact your future career as a professional cricketer?

Playing T20 leagues at home is exciting. It’s great to be able to see family and friends between games. As we get older, we want to spend more time at home, and playing in South Africa is the most exciting thing for the future.

Can you share a particularly memorable moment you’ve experienced in your cricketing career that has left a lasting impression on you?

My first game for South Africa in T20 cricket was a dream come true. It was at my home ground, and I was able to get the man of the match on my debut. It’s a special moment that I’ll never forget.

Which player so far has been exciting to watch and your favorite on this current #SA20 season?

Ryan Rickelton’s performance in the tournament was outstanding. I’ve played a lot of cricket with him since we were kids, and I’ve always known how good he is. It’s amazing to see everyone else see his talent.

To Betway #SA20 people, fans at home, to Us at Hype Magazine, to overall people who are watching this season, what can you say to them?

I want to thank everyone for their support of #SA20. Playing in front of a packed stadium is a dream for any sportsman, and it’s great to see people come out and support the initiative. We appreciate the love and support, and we hope people continue to come out and fill up the stadium

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