Tribute to the Megacy: RIP AKA

To us, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend, most importantly, father to his beloved daughter, Kairo. To many, he was AKA, SUPAMEGA, BHOVA and the many other names of affection his legion of fans called him by. Our son was loved, and he gave love in return.” – Statement by Tony and Lynn Forbes on the passing of their son.
“The most important thing about AKA is being able to relate to people. I want people to be touched by my music in a way that they know what I’m talking about and understand where I’ve come from. I’m a regular, ordinary dude with an extraordinary talent. I’m just able to articulate what happens in my life and it’s a gift to represent that and get people to relate.” – AKA in a 2010 interview with HYPE
“We are here because of guys like Ready D, Amu, Skwatta Kamp and guys like that. They made it easier for us to come through and do our thing. There was a time when SA hip-hop wasn’t anywhere like we are now. We have so many opportunities. The world is ours for the taking because of people like them. We have to give thanks to the guys who made it easier for us.” – 2010 interview published in HYPE magazine
“But for me it’s also about yes, you get to a point where you don’t have to prove anything to anyone besides yourself. The only person I’m trying to prove right now is myself, because in my own head I have a vision of who I really am and where I am. Obviously everybody else can’t see, but in my mind I can see myself in 10 years and I’m trying to get to myself. I’m on a journey to my actual self. That’s a quote. Quote me on that …” – HYPE cover story 2017
“Like you said, there are many artists who have gone or died without making money, which is crazy. So I also realised that you can’t make music forever as well. In a couple of years when I’m 35, yes, I’ll be making music. Yeah, I’m not saying I’ll stop making music, I’ll just say I’ll stop making music because I have to make music. I’ll make music because I want to make music. There’s a difference between having to and wanting to.” – 2017 cover story
“My drive was never to be rich. My drive was never to be famous. My drive was to be heard. My drive was to make music that would be heard by a lot of people and to some degree I question whether HHP, myself, Khuli, Stogie and whoever who were at the forefront, did we let the kids coming up now down?” – 2017 cover story
“And I’m in a great relationship and Nadia’s an amazing woman and she’s really helped. The person you see sitting in front of you today, a lot of that credit should go to her. She’s been really patient and she’s really, in so many ways, just brought me back to life.” – HYPE interview, 26 January 2023
“I really put English hip-hop on my back, and if you look at the Nasty C’s and the A-Reece’s and so forth, I think I definitely played a part in bringing that to today. When it’s all said and done, I can say that is something that I did for the culture.” – Interview with HYPE, 26 January 2023
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HYPE has had a long history with AKA, from him featuring on our mixtape in 2009, to our last interview with him on 26 January 2023. We take a look back at some of his great quotes through the years ahead of our cover story, which will drop later this week. Rest in power to an icon of the hip-hop industry. Things will not be the same without you.

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He had his first song ‘Do It’ published in HYPE Sessions Vol 25: Scripts ‘N Cutts, mixed by legendary DJ The Cutt, back when our magazine had hard copies and came with a CD.

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