YouTube responds to pricy data outcry by introducing new data saving features

There is nothing better than spending your down time sitting on YouTube and watching videos. Be it podcasts, vlogs, live streams or watching music videos, YouTube has always been goated for brining a variety of different content into a consolidated space. But, are you tired of feeling like enjoying your favourite videos is costing you your valuable data ? Well YouTube has introduced a new solution for users.

YouTube today announced three exciting new data saving features that will help users to maximise the use of their mobile data, while still allowing them to enjoy the content that they love.

The new features give YouTube users full control over how their mobile data is used on the App, allowing them to access content through which they can explore their world, learn and be entertained.

The three new features include:

  • Data reminder – A feature that lets users set a reminder when they use a specific amount of mobile data, which they can define in the settings.
  • Data saving settings –  A one-stop shop for  users to control data related features. The data-saving button enables users to save data across the app with only one tap. These settings allow users to adjust video and download quality, resulting in videos that load faster and use less data.
  • Video preview & quality picker –  An opt-in feature for highly data-constrained users that allows them to see a preview of a video and to select quality before every playback.

According to the 2022 Mobile Data Pricing Index, Sub-Saharan Africa has some of the highest mobile data prices in the world.

Image: Giuseppe Lombardo/EyeEm/Getty Images

“When it comes to consuming content, Africa is very much mobile first, but we know that data costs can still be prohibitive. These new, easy-to-use features will empower people to control their YouTube experience, allowing them to continue to consume the content they want, without data-anxiety,” says YouTube Southern Africa Lead, Zeph Masote.

Masote adds that,  “Approximately 400 million people live in regions where mobile data is very expensive and we’ve seen that people want the ability to control their data consumption and video quality for each video. These new features allow users to still enjoy the videos they want to see, while allowing them to choose how their mobile data is being used.”

The features are already live on Android devices and users can  access them by clicking on their account icon, and selecting “settings”. They can then select “data saving” and select the features they would like to enable accordingly.

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