5 gaming events perfect for pro gamers in the US

Gaming events are conventional conferences held by game developers for people in the niche and industry to come together to network and as well as to exhibit the latest developing works that are yet to be released to the general public. These events sometimes extend to the best online casinos and their players. 


Pro gamers who are interested in trying out new games before their release, networking, and meeting like-minded people in the niche should endeavor to attend gaming events.


Regarding that, Here are compilations of gaming events Pro Gamers in the US should try out as they are just the perfect conference that can give the very best of its value.


Electronic Entertainment Expo

Electric Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is a 3-day yearly event that hosts over 50,000 people in Los Angeles. Everything about video games takes place in the event. Most significant industry announcements are made at this event.


This event has both the media and the entertainment industry well represented, and also the gaming industry and the other related industries are being represented by Gamers, software developers, game programmers and designers, importers and exporters, financial and industry analysts, researchers and educators, retailers/ buyers and distributors.


Video games companies in the Entertainment Software Association from all over the world gather around to give a glimpse of their work, which is still in development and yet to be launched. The event gives room for networking and meeting new people who are like-minded in their passion for gaming. Also, the event allows developers to build a connection with publishers and raise hype for gamers.

GameDaily Connect USA

Pro gamers will find GameDaily Connect worthy of attending. The game conference known as Casual Connect was recently rebranded by merging with Greenlit Content; the merger brought about the new name GameDaily Connect.


Considering that game conference is relatively new in the industry as it was just established in 2005 and can’t be compared to GDC or E3 in terms of establishment, GameDaily has been able to develop a modest attendance list across the video game industry. It includes the gaming studios, game developers and programmers, investors, marketers, and publishers in the business.


As the former name implied, the gaming conference was dedicated to the casual and mobile markets. Still, the rebrand now solely lies in matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment to find the next big thing.


GamesForum Seattle

This can be said to be a minor event on the list as it has just a couple of hundred people in attendance; GamesForum Seattle is a conference dedicated to the mobile games industry; it brings together mobile games developers, key publishers, advertisers, and others involved in the mobile game industry for trend-setting talks, thought-provoking panels, and highly relevant networking.


A conference is a one-day event designed to provide highly informative and actionable content to delegates while providing an intimate and concentrated networking environment to their sponsor partners. Topics from game design techniques, mobile game PR and Marketing, next-generation mobile games, incredible market games, and many more are being discussed. 


GamesForum is set to host a full day of great content and network with a panel of discussions, presentations, a break, and drinks to connect everyone on the 26th of October 2022 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Centre, Seattle.


Game Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference (aka GDC), which started as a casual gathering in 1998 in Chris Crawford’s living, has gained much recognition and relevance over time. The event does have approximately 30,000 marketing and business professionals who work in the industry in attendance.


Also, dedicated community spaces where attendees catch a break from all the activities to relax and meet new people. Award ceremonies in recognition of the creativity, artistry, and technical genius of the finest developers and games are hosted by GDC in two categories: the Games developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival.

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