Kevi Kev: “Don’t just dream without action”

Kevi Kev on how to become the leader of tomorrow: “Don’t compare dreams and how fast other people attain theirs”

Written by HYPE staff, Photography: Supplied

Sowetan rapper Kevi Kev does it all: he raps and sings over a wide range of beats; he has collaborated with amapiano acts such as Luu Nineleven, Mellow & Sleazy and Killer Kau; he has also held his own alongside rappers like Thato Saul and RED BUTTON.

To embrace – if not to highlight – his versatility, Kevi Kev released the double EP, Its Not a Chicken, which showcases his hip-hop side, and Its a Rooster, an amapiano project, in 2021.

Kevi Kev is a disrupter; his journey is an inspiration; and, in the Q&A below, he motivates the youth to take ownership of their dreams and talents in the effort of being the best versions of themselves and future leaders of tomorrow, as part of Black Cat Peanut Butter’s “Feed the You, You Can Be” campaign.

As part of the campaign, Black Cat Peanut Butter collaborated with visual artist Karabo Poppy Moletsane, who lent her talents and fly illustrations to design exclusive merchandise for the brand.

What does it mean to be part of the Black Cat family?

It’s very dope, to say the least, because this is a brand I grew up eating and still do, so to work with them on chasing my dream is one of those achievements I’ll never forget.

What does “Feed the You, You Can Be” mean to you?

It basically means feeding the passion I have, and making it a success. We all know once you start living your dream, you never work a day in your life.

What practical things do you do daily that help you “Feed the You, You Can Be”?

I work out to make sure that, when wealth comes, I live long enough to enjoy it. Secondly, I’m always investing in my passion projects and things that make me happy.

What is your fave piece in the collection and why? 

I’d have to say the T-shirts. Right in time for the spring and summer seasons. They go with almost any pants and shoes. When it comes to clothes, I never buy items that are hard to match with.

 What does taking ownership of your dreams mean to you? 

It means don’t just dream without action. Your dream is like a plant. If you don’t take care of it, it will essentially die. So, it’s always important to work on your dream and feed it as much as you can.

When did you decide to take ownership of your dreams and talents to generate income?

The moment I started doing music again. I bought a studio, because one thing that always delayed me was having to wait for studio time and the producers’ availability. So, as soon as I could afford one I, I invested in it.

What tools does one need to be a leader of tomorrow? 

Well, the first tool is knowledge; gather enough information, good decision-making skills, good listening skills and the ability to keep learning.

How has living in the digital age made it easier/harder to be a creative or entrepreneur?  

Well, I think it’s easier because, being someone who does a lot, it’s always hard being in two places at the same time. Now, with the digital world, you can be anywhere anytime, from texting to video calls.

As a storyteller, how would you say the stories you tell shape the minds of the leaders of tomorrow? 

I’d say they are doing so by giving some sort of reflection or experiences. For example, a lot of us have similar upbringings – you’d swear we were raised by the same families – but what I’m saying is that I too have been in similar situations and had similar problems before, and being able to overcome them shows that whatever we want to achieve in life, the possibilities are endless.

What advice can you give to young people regarding focusing on feeding their talents and dreams?

Don’t compare dreams and how fast other people attain theirs. Keep working, keep grinding and stay prepared, so that when the time comes, you’re ready. So many opportunities have been missed by people because, when the time came, people were not ready for them.

How do you mostly enjoy Black Cat Peanut Butter?

Two ways – on my bread with butter and tea, and in my protein smoothie.

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