Review: Mars Baby ‘Echoes’ EP

Mars Baby comforts the heartbroken with his soulful EP ‘Echoes’.

By ubereatzz

Following his successful 2021 EP Salem, [STAY LOW]’s alternative artist, Mars Baby drops his tranquil EP, Echoes. Lo-fi sound is accompanied by guitar strings that tap into his inner thoughts about love in the 21st century; he takes the listener through the various stages one goes through as they navigate a relationship that has so much love between the parties but not enough of it to help keep the connection as stable as possible.

The first song ‘Dead Leaves’ is about how the singer wants a chance to relive a relationship that doesn’t seem it will last, as he sings, “Dead leaves, that’s a temporary love/ You roll trees and it makes you feel numb.”

‘Lily’ plays on the colour of the titular flower, a drug and how he compares these characteristics to his lover, who makes him feel every emotion as intensely as an addiction to drugs does. He sings, “Baby I’m three months clean but I can find a vein for you.”

The EP has no features just like his previous offering which I believe allows the listener to tap into who Mars Baby is as an artist without the noise of unnecessary features as he is still building his sound and fanbase.

‘In the Dark’ is a turning point for the singer who feels this love connection is as bad for him as he thought. He also proclaims he is not in the best place emotionally, singing, “Devil, stay back, I want time/ Through temptation I will hide.”

 Mars Baby captures the listener into his various moods with serenity in his vocals as displayed in ‘Clean’ which is a paradox to ‘In the Dark’. Here, he invites his temptation in as he sings softly, “Murmur your hymn and make me clean/ Make me clean again.”

He closes this composed EP with his lead single ‘Be Safe’ where he offers his love interest a sweet proposition for them to end their rather toxic union on good terms: “Be safe, I can’t leave you this way/ I promise you my silence if you promise you’ll be okay,” he sings.

‘Be Safe’ was chosen by Apple Music as the track of the week and added on Spotify’s SAlt playlist. Echoes EP peaked at number 5 on Apple Music’s Alternative charts upon release which made it the number 1 South African Alternative project or album on the Apple Music charts. A placement that makes sense as this EP is worth the hype.

Stream Echoes by Mars Baby on Apple Music, Spotify and all other platforms.

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