Watch Stogie T obliterate a SPeeKa beat in exclusive Sotra Cyphers freestyle

Watch Stogie T’s fire freestyle on SPeeKa’s Sotra Cyphers

Stogie T recently paid a visit to SPeeKa’s R.E.A Studios for an exclusive freestyle for the Soweto-based producer’s Sotra Cyphers series.

Stogie T’s freestyle encompasses a wide range of subjects from rap sh*t to social commentary.

He raps, “G-Unit knockoff jerseys in every village/ And these fools is worried I’m rapping in English”

And then goes on to rap, “These major thugs predate the drugs/ Sold the country for a Swiss bank account/ And not a mathematician can even them odds”

Easily some of the best rapping you’ll hear this year.

Previously, SPeeKa has hosted the likes of Hympatic Thabs, MaseVen, Maradona and Siya Shezi, who’ve all dropped exclusive verses for the series.

Watch Stogie T’s Sotra Cyphers exclusive here and be sure to subscribe to SPeeKa’s YouTube channel.



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