Bernini’s popular Squadcast series returns with a panel of real, natural sparkling SA women


The team behind Bernini – the only Real Sparkling Spritzer Made from Wine with Flavours – is back with six snackable content bursts of the popular online Squadcast Series. The show returns with insightful conversation and personal stories from a panel of women, who get South Africans ready to realise their true potential by challenging beauty standards, and body image stereotypes, dressing to suit themselves and breaking the glass ceiling.

Join this squad of Glow Getters as they delve into topics relevant to modern South African women. This season’s guests include choreographer and dancer, Sne Mbatha; multi-talented TV personality, actress, model, and dancer, Lalla Hirayama; and the ‘Doctor of Inner Beauty’, medical and wellness expert, Dr. Thsidi Gule

Over these new installments of the series, the ladies discuss inner work and self-discovery, as well as creating healthy relationships with food and with your body. The squad also gets real about mental health and the stigma around seeing a mental healthcare practitioner. With each guest bringing her sparkling personality to the discussions, viewers will be entertained, informed, and ready to take these conversations to their own squads.

Originally launched as a podcast series in 2020, the Squadcast has ¬had a Glow Up. Bernini is now showcasing this engaging content on YouTube, reaching millions of women across Mzansi.

“The aim of this uplifting series is to inspire women to bring their real glow to the world and to engage in the conversations that create change. The Squadcast is a space where women can find strength and support in a network of Glow Getters across SA, where they can go to find inspiration to succeed in all spheres of life from the boardroom to their health and wellness,” says Bernini Marketing Manager, Paigon Prince.

Viewers are encouraged to get talking and to join the Squadcast conversation on Bernini’s Facebook page on Instagram, and on Twitter @BerniniSA.

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