ZULO’s ‘Talk to Me Naace’ Debut EP To Be Released On April 22nd

South African rapper and music producer ZULO has just revealed that his long-awaited debut EP Talk to Me Naace, is expected to be released on April 22 with guest appearances from the multifaceted Money Badoo, Blood & Water-singer Frya and the reggae overlord Don Dada. Preceded by the previously released singles ‘Portals’ and ‘JUST VAARBS”’, ZULO follows up with the EP’s third single ‘Love Your Life’ just weeks ahead of the April 22 release.

Produced by ZULO himself and Swaeno Iago, the single continues the texture of its predecessor ‘JUST VAARBS’, merging Four7’s South African house classic “J’Adore” and Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” to create life’s celebratory anthem as ZULO highlights his spiritual awakening. The official music video is expected to be released on March 31.

After ‘JUST VAARBS’ dropped last year, I wanted to explore that texture a bit more. Since majority of the project was written and recorded in 2020, I wanted a song that reflected on my life in the second half of 2021, from the time ‘Portals’ was released. This was the last song I made for the EP and, quite simply, puts my spiritual awakening at the very centre, after losing and regaining my confidence – ZULO

The EP’s artwork, designed by Zayaanah Albertyn, depicts ZULO’s mascot Tricky, the Bunny being lifted by the light as lightning strikes around him to cinematically signify the rise of the Supreme Leader ZULO.

Listen to ‘Love Your Life’ below:

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