Listen To Illy Amin’s ‘Ethopian Cross’ Single & ‘Arthur Ashe’ EP

To celebrate his birthday, about a week ago Revivolution MC Illy Amin dropped off a new single called ‘Ethopian Cross’ (from his upcoming EP Woolrich Wisdom) and a surprise EP called Arthur Ashe which is said to be “a tribute to the tennis icon and a look into some of the tracks that have been lying on the cutting room floor of the Revivo MC’s studio”. Now, those that know Illy Amin will surely appreciate his approach to music on each drop because this is straight hip hop and no gimmicks… From the provocative wordplay to the Jazz-influenced instrumentals offered in some songs, what Illy Amin offers here is what we call an artistic update for the true fans…

It’s been a while since hearing from the Revivo MC but he’s been working! ‘Ethiopian Cross’ is a return to form with longtime collaborator Irrelevent Papi while Arthur Ashe is a quick EP of tracks that hit the cutting room floor, with production from Kam Dela Cram and Riz Ventura

Listen below:

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