Champagne69’s ‘WAVES NEVER DIE’ Debut Album Is Here [Listen]

The noise boys, Champagne69, have just dropped their long-awaited debut album called WAVES NEVER DIE today that comes with a whopping 20 tracks in full. This album is said to be a celebration of the New Wave of South African SoundCloud rap…

A VIP guest list of talent convenes over trap music’s wonted groaning basslines for a robust exchange of energy between the duo of Siyangena69 and Williestilios. Maglera Doe Boy breathes new life into “15 GOONS,” a single released in 2020, and further appears on “RUGER,” which is built on the video-game sounds characteristic of his street-rap aesthetic. The duo links up with fellow New Wave forerunners PatricKxxLee, J Molley, and Lethabo Acid on “PMS,” and complete the picture with the inclusion of the New Wave’s biggest advocate, late South African hip-hop legend Riky Rick, who shows up posthumously on “SKIT.” In it, he commends the duo for safeguarding hip-hop and encourages unity among their generation. “It’s gonna be important for all you cats to stand up for each other,” Riky says. Big brother’s words were heeded: On WAVES NEVER DIE, the movement appears intact and teems with life.

Champagne69 as a duo has largely been energy driven throughout their music career, and have always sought to channel their experiences into the music. With their debut album , they’ve essentially encapsulated two years worth of life experience, personal growth and emotion, all while evolving in their sound with the help their executive producer NOTBENJAMIN. The album is a clear cut representation of the group, their tales, cries and joy.  It’s raw, it’s hard hitting, it’s hip hop, above all it represents the culture of the wave in South African Hip-Hop from its inception to infinity – The Wave that will Never Die!

Listen below:

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