Pretoria-based rapper/creative, Huey, is our latest #BeautyOfBlend highlight that we decided to share with you to conclude it all in collaboration with Tullamore D.E.W., of course. By now you should already know what these brief conversations were created for but if you don’t, well here’s a quick reminder… These editorials found us selecting a handful of SA’s diverse creatives and asking them questions that touch on how big of an impact the concept of “blending” would be if was not only applied within arts, communities or cultures found in SA but their respective careers as well… With that said (again), you can peep how the Iceberg Estate creator shared his thoughts on the matter below.

The biggest impact for that I believe would be tolerance.

Can you start off by firstly introducing yourself and what you’re known for?

I go by the name of Huey or, you know, some people call me Huey Magicman, some people call me Big Boy and I’m a rapper, artist, creative from Pretoria.

Huey, what’s your belief in the benefits of blending cultures & perspectives?

If I see the world from your eyes and I understand the world from how you look at it, that may impact how I look in the world, you know, and then in turn change it. So, the biggest impact for that I believe would be tolerance.

And what do you think the benefits would be for us here at home if more creatives, mindsets, genres & communities fused together?

Learning what the next person does or figuring out how a different culture deals with things, right? I think it’s just really important in creating empathy, tolerance and then creating understanding.

What alternative ways have you adopted into your career that has resulted in something beautiful coming out?

So I can take an iPhone, this person who’s there and I know some of that person who’s there and eyebrows from whoever and I can make a beautiful thing, you know? Yeah, blending all those things together, I guess.


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