New Angie Santana ‘Angelico’ EP Drops Next Week

Independent R&B singer/songwriter and performing artist, Angie Santana, is returning with a new project called Angelico after the success of her hustler’s anthem ‘Money’, which was her break out single as an independent act. Her last offering  ‘No Calls’, was released on the 3rd of September 2021, featuring South African born-Ireland based, Nqoh – an emerging vocal & song writing talent… Now all of this is said to have caused the required attention and hype around the announcement of her upcoming EP Angelico which is said to be the artist’s first project since she went Independent. With sexy songs like ‘Caught Up’, describing her love interest and heart breaking anthems like ‘Bleed Me Out’ and ‘F*ck You Tonight’, speaking on cheating partners and moving on, this EP is said to definitely be the perfect way to start off the month of love. The EP is expected to drop on the 14th of February.

I am very excited about this project, it was an emotional journey for me, as the past year or so has been quite hectic for me so I had to do a deep-dive into personal moments of my life; feelings of neglect, feeling unwanted, dealing with infidelity and heartbreak and learning to navigate the industry as an independent artist, while writing the songs on the project. I want people to relate to the music and attach their own personal experiences to what I call the “Broken Hearts Sorority”. After all, we hurt and heal the same – through music – Angie Santana

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