Watch TSA’s Soulful New ‘Shine’ Music Video

Last month TSA came through and released some new visuals for his ‘Shine’ song. This track is said to serves as a good introduction to the artist by showcasing his signature flow and his world-class production chops. TSA has always been quite soulful with the music and this one is one of many records that best represent that. The @bambathajones directed music video mostly finds TSA performing the tune in what looks like some central park/hub during the nighttime dressed in black.

The instrumental has a smooth flow, reminiscent of 90s hip hop icons such as Biggie Smalls or A Tribe Called Quest, but with an even more crisp sound, toning down the grimy lo-fi and enhancing the clarity of the performance. The vocals are articulate, but TSA isn’t just trying to fill the gaps by spitting out words like a machine gun: he is really listening for the melodic elements of the song, providing a great lead to a soothing, yet energetic track.

 “Shine” is a strong indication of greater things to come from TSA, and it’s definitely a sign that people should have this artist on their radar.

Watch below:

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