Watch Priddy Prince’s New ‘Seasons’ Music Video

Last week rising star Priddy Prince dropped off his first single for the year called ‘Seasons’ which is a song that is said to paint a picture of what he wants to achieve with the music. The string-filled song is a laidback easy going song that presents the 16-year in a more versatile state specifically with the vocal play because he already has the raps on lock no doubt… Last year was arguably Priddy Prince’s biggest because besides the mainstream attention he was getting, he also managed to scoop that sportscene Put Me On contest which of course added some crazy momentum to his career. This new @moralepablophala_ directed music video mostly finds him outdoor in scenes that have him performing in a moving convertible while other scenes find him exploring a music shop and other shots have him interacting with younger boys amongst other scenes which adds on to the inspiration feel of the song visually because this definitely is a motivational song.

One of Priddy’s goals is to inspire generations after him to chase their dreams from an early age and to open doors for the kids. It is with no doubt that the “Little Giant” is off to a good start and will be the talk of many generations to come.

Watch below:



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